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Two Share-Worthy Crafting Projects, a Creativity Challenge & Fun Surprises Delivered Monthly!

About the Box


Everything You Need

The one time you’ll be glad assembly is required! Each Crayola® CIY™ Box comes with all the supplies needed to complete the 2 crafts in each box. No prep-work, no hassle, just exciting crafts each month.


Build On Your Creativity

The 2 crafts you’ll receive in every Crayola® CIY™ Box come with easy-to-understand instructions to walk you through each craft as you push your creativity and add your own personality to each craft.


Keep Crafting

The crafting doesn’t end with the 2 crafts you receive in your CIY™ Box. As a subscriber, you have access to our craft library to utilize the supplies you received in your Crayola® CIY™ Box to challenge yourself and keep creating.

Show The World Your Finished Crafts - #CrayolaCIYBox

Inside Every Box

Everything You Need

We deliver hours of fun in each box! We’ll provide all the craft supplies you need to create 2 premium crafts - all uniquely designed to enhance your crafting skills and create an experience you will love!

Crafting Inspiration

You’ll also get an easy-to-follow instruction booklet with detailed steps, plus a crafters challenge to stretch your skills. Get access to inspirational photos, templates, and how to videos in our exclusive online craft library. Use the leftover materials from each project to take on your own, unique crafting challenges!

Fun Surprises

In addition to your CIY supplies, each box will include surprise gifts, delightful treats, unique samples or Crayola coupons for you to discover every month.